The insomnia thing decided to kick my ass last night. I've had less than two hours of sleep. I'm not likely to get more'n five for the rest of the weekend.

It's bad enough that I'm thinking I may bail on the CSPC's steampunk party. Which pisses me off, because I've been looking forward to that for weeks; I rearranged my whole schedule this weekend so I could have tonight off. But I don't want to go and then end up sitting in a corner all night because I don't know anyone else there.

If any of you are going, let me know. Otherwise I think I might just come home and sleep.
Repo! The Genetic Opera makes me far happier than I anticipated. Can't believe I didn't know Sarah Brightman was in this. Also I am possibly in love with Terrance Zdunich's voice.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a baritone in eyeliner.


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