I'm weird about my web design: I write my code by hand from memory. I'll use Frontpage if I have to do tables, because I am not good at the numbers game and can't make images line up properly if I have to work out cell dimensions in my head, but that's it. Frontpage doesn't have much in the way of features and I've never used any of the newer web development tools/programs that have come out in the last four years or so since I stopped doing web design regularly.

I knew I was old-fashioned. I did NOT realize I was living in the fucking Dark Ages.

I just spent an hour mucking around with Web Expressions, and I'm pretty sure I've died and gone to style sheet heaven. The phrase, "Oh my stars and garters!" may or may not have been used. Mostly may.

Too bad there's that bit where it costs $300 I will never have... but damn that was fun to play with.

From: [identity profile] princekermit.livejournal.com

you can ditch the monk-powered copier, too.

Reminds me of one of my favorite local sites. She hadn't updated the pix section in four years. I did my best to politely admonish her and she replied with the html-torture that she has to go through every time she wants to do that. I pointed her towards free code that will essentially make a thumbnail gallery for her.

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Re: you can ditch the monk-powered copier, too.

I'm not that bad, fortunately - I know enough PHP that my code isn't overwhelming to deal with, and all the layout data is in a separate file so that when I want to totally re-do the layout I only have to change two pages instead of twenty.

But a program that'll proofread my code for broken tags, and hyperlink all the style classes to make it super easy to edit them? THAT I could use!


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