It is hilarious to me that I can make an absolutely phenomenal Thai coconut curry... and yet I cannot cook rice properly.

Seriously, it's ALWAYS either too soggy or too dry, regardless of cooking method or amount of water or type of rice. Rice is my arch nemesis in the culinary world. THIS SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD.

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I had the same problem for years, until I realized that I cannot cook rice in a rice cooker. In a pot on the stove, I'm just fine.

Apparently, my rice-fu is old school. :/

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I have totally the opposite problem from [ profile] lisatheriveter, in that I was taught to cook rice on a stove and dammit that's the way I should be doing it. Within the last few MONTHS out of several years of cooking for myself, suddenly this has failed me. I do not understand. And do not have a rice cooker to run tests with.

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I have been using the following method- double the water to rice. (one cup of rice = two cups of water) Bring the rice to a boil, reduce to a low heat and cover until the liquid is gone. I have yet to make a bad batch of rice.

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I've found couscous to be more forgiving on the stovetop than rice ... in case you want to give that a whirl.

Other than using 'instant' rices, you risk getting bogged down with "how long did I soak last time", "how thoroughly did I rinse", "just how long did I let it boil", and other stuff. Yeah, it's not rocket science, but I've managed to screw up stovetop (normal, not 'instant') rice before, and I'm a good cook too! =)

Nowadays, I cook risotto on the stovetop, and all other rices in my high-tech rice cooker. It occasionally undercooks, but then I just re-start its cycle, and the rice (oddly enough) comes out fine the second time it stops itself.

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My rice-cooker makes it right every time.

I'm in love with it.


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