You will always, always be wrong.

Exhibit A: Harry Potter: UR DOIN IT RONG.

Exhibit B: I'm a fan of zombie!fic and all, but what bad acid trip convinced this guy this would be a good idea? The fact that there is apparently a MARKET for this stuff is what really scares me.

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I dunno, there's a sick part of my brain that wants to read the zombie Pride & Prejudice...

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Oh I would totally read it. *laughs* It's not so much the idea that astounds me, it's the fact that it's being SOLD ON AMAZON. It's frigging fanfic!

But then I found Wicked distasteful for the same reason, so it's probably just me.

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O.o..... Say wha...?

Y'know.... I really am half tempted to buy that, lol!

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Oh, I'd totally read it. But I refuse to pay someone money for something that literally amounts to fanfic. LOL

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Mr. Vlad Darcy, at your service...

Okay, Pride & Prejudice vs. Dracula, fine.
Pride & Prejudice Meets Dr. Frankenstein, sure.
But zombies?
I know zombies are the supernatural monster flavor-of-the-month, but c'mon, they're from an entirely different part of the world and different time-frame.

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Best thing about this is the list of tags:
entitlement, fandom: harry potter, i wanted to be wanked, jkr doesn't know harry potter like i do, look how much i don't care, my education let me show you it, potter fandom will not be outwanked!, spoilers- noooo! you bitch! you bitch!!!, taking it too seriously, wanking inside the house, why are you even reading these books?, yet another entitled hp fucktard

That these are necessary tags for that comm speaks volumes.


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