...aaaaaand straight in on the heels of the I-cannot-spend-any-money-right-now post, I find out VNV Nation is coming to the Showbox at the Market.

I hate my life. LOL

From: [identity profile] inkandalchemy.livejournal.com

NO, Colin. *pokes* You know perfectly well that wasn't what I intended with this post, and you're already helping me out with Expressions Web. You are not allowed to keep buying me expensive presents. LOL

From: [identity profile] fearless-son.livejournal.com

Oh pish-posh, you will still have to come up here to pick up the software, at which point I will be waiting with a large jug of petroleum, waiting to be put into your car, and you will not be able to refuse because I had already purchased it and it would only go to waste anyway.

Stop being so proud and let someone spoil you a little.


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