Lately I keep getting songs stuck in my head whose lyrics are either in Italian or Latin. This is driving me batshit. I have a thing about having to know the words to songs; usually, this is not a problem, since I can hear a song two or three times and sing it back flawlessly.

I am however discovering that this only works if I know what the words are. I cannot simply remember the sounds the singers make. I have to go and look up the words before they will stick in my head - even if I don't actually know what the words MEAN.

I find this intriguing. I wonder what it is that makes my brain work that way. I thought perhaps it was just that Italian and Latin are close enough to English that I can sort of guess at meanings, but when I ran a test the same rule applied to the Japanese and German songs in my collection.

You learn something new every day, I guess.

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I have a few songs in Russian too, actually, and no - it NEVER means you shouldn't introduce me to new music. :)

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I've had this happen with some of my favorite Celtic music too. Looking up the lyrics only helps me if they're written phonetically as well.

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See, they don't even have to be written phonetically for me. A lot of Gaelic or Italian isn't spelled even remotely like it sounds. But knowing what it looks like on the page/screen, I can figure out how to pronounce it - even if it isn't sung the way it's spoken. Weird stuff!

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I have to listen and read at the same time in order to understand most lyrics.

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Odd, I get that with Japanese and Russian songs. After a while, I look up the meanings, or translations, I seem to sing the song better.

I sound them out first, then find the meaning... weird.

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I think if D knows the song, he can translate. Italian being his ifrst language and all...

If that's what you need that is :D

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Woo, cool! I didn't know his first language was Italian.

The funny thing about this all is that I don't seem to need translations. I don't need to know what it means, I just have to know what it says, if that makes any sense at all. I have to know what the words are but I don't have to know what they translate to (I do LIKE knowing that as well - but fortunately almost all the translations are available somewhere online, even if it takes a bit of searching.)


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