So! I think we officially accomplished a successful birthday.

Lovely lunch at Orexi's with [ profile] jonwa and [ profile] tinman_landofoz - thanks for joining us, guys, that was fun! - and then a bit of mucking about Bellevue Square mall before driving all the way back to my place (because guess who forgot her club clothes?) and then back up to [ profile] forgodestiny's to get ready to go out dancing.

Much fun was had at the Noc Noc for the evening... although I really think we are the only girls in the place who can manage to get cornered into a, "So what is paganism?" discussion with random strangers for a good two hours.

She came home with 100% dark chocolate, I came home with a phone number, good times were had by all.

And now we are going to crash into bed and sleep for the next ten hours.



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