Just ten hours left until the corset-making workshop, and I still have not decided which of my multitude of fabrics I want to use for the ruddy thing.

The solution? BRING THEM ALL!
Can has pattern for spats! YAYEZ!
Jeebus Christ on a pogo stick, I have too much fabric!

You guys, I pack the weirdest shit together when I move.

All this is by way of saying that I wanted to wear my green satin skirt to the concert on Sunday. I cannot in fact FIND my green satin skirt; it isn't in any of my drawers or on any of the hangers in my closet. Since I can't remember actually having seen it since I moved into this house, I started pulling boxes out and going through them.

I found my favorite pair of jeans from high school. I found a box containing candle holders which probably haven't seen daylight since they were packed up to move out of Mum's house. I found a bag of what look like they might possibly be shower curtain rings, but could be something else entirely. I found the remnants of the French maid costume which I completely failed to make. I found several feet of black pleather that I had forgotten I ever owned (but which I now have evil ideas for.) I found a few yards of the fabric I made [livejournal.com profile] luvclarinet's prom dress from. I found a copy of "How To Turn Your Boyfriend Into A Love Slave," which [livejournal.com profile] lossenminuial thought was hilarious when she gave it to me, and which is frankly one hell of a lot funnier now.

I found the scraps of the green satin that were left over from when I made the green satin skirt.

My house now looks like a bomb went off and exploded shredded clothing everywhere.

But I still cannot for the life of me find that green satin skirt.


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