It's gratifying to know that I can still get the, "Wow you're a really good dancer!" reaction even when I'm the only one on the dance floor. It's also gratifying to know that I've grown enough balls in the last year that I'm okay being the only one on the dance floor.

That said, it's easier to enjoy that whole dancing thing when you aren't feeling exhausted and ill. Wearing a grubby work uniform doesn't help much either. (Although the look on Marius' face was priceless. "I didn't even know you OWNED tennis shoes!") Ended up canceling on [ profile] forgodestiny and shoving off home early to sleep.

Still... Sinfest once again wins at life. Am I the only one who's actually gotten that line?
I know I'm not the only girl going, "Yep, that." Hey, when you don't have any other recourse...


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