So! I think we officially accomplished a successful birthday.

Lovely lunch at Orexi's with [ profile] jonwa and [ profile] tinman_landofoz - thanks for joining us, guys, that was fun! - and then a bit of mucking about Bellevue Square mall before driving all the way back to my place (because guess who forgot her club clothes?) and then back up to [ profile] forgodestiny's to get ready to go out dancing.

Much fun was had at the Noc Noc for the evening... although I really think we are the only girls in the place who can manage to get cornered into a, "So what is paganism?" discussion with random strangers for a good two hours.

She came home with 100% dark chocolate, I came home with a phone number, good times were had by all.

And now we are going to crash into bed and sleep for the next ten hours.

Kings, you guys. Because I know I am not going to be the only person who appreciates the depth and impact of this show. Also because Ian McShane is brilliant and I was surprised to find out that Sebastian Whatsisname from The Covenant can in fact act, and well at that.

A couple of you have said you're worried about me lately. I appreciate this. I wish I could tell you not to worry, but in all honesty I'm a little worried about myself these days. I am stuck in a very unpleasant headspace; I will get out, I always do, but right now things are very tangled in my head.

I take the world too seriously. Sometimes I feel like River Tam - feeling everything, all at once, without a filter, because she can't not. I have to shut myself down sometimes so that it doesn't completely overwhelm.

Right now I'm not having much luck shutting it off. Bear with me.

And to Marius, who doesn't have LJ and will never read this... thank you for being my friend. I have no words.


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